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Sinus headache or pressure behind eyes occurs due to the inflammation of the sinuses located around the eyes. This write-up provides information on the contributing factors and remedies for this condition. 26/04/2018 · The most common initial symptom of cavernous sinus thrombosis is a headache. This usually develops as a sharp pain located behind or around the eyes that steadily gets worse over time. Symptoms often start within a few days of developing an infection in the face or skull, such as sinusitis or a.

Pain behind your eye can feel like a dull ache or sharp, intense pain. Some people complain of an explosive pain behind the eye or describe it as feeling like their eye is being stabbed with an ice pick. Some people describe eye pain as a deep headache. Causes of Headache Behind Eyes. Migraine- Migraine headaches often begin behind the eyes. If you suffer from ophthalmoplegic migraines, they can cause pain behind the eyes for days or months at a time, which can be coupled by partial or complete loss of vision. The symptoms of a sinus headache include pressure and pain around the sinus area which includes the forehead, the cheekbones, and the area above the nose and between the eyes. The pain can also be felt behind the eyes. A headache or pain felt tends to get worse when moving especially when lying down or when bending over. 90% of the time, people. 18/05/2011 · Your sphenoid sinuses are located behind your nose and eyes. In fact, your sphenoid sinuses are the only sinuses located somewhat removed from your face, as they are located at the base of your brain, close to the ear. You have one sphenoid sinus for each side of your head and each sinus is.

The common causes of a headache behind the left eye are a cluster headache, tension headache, eyestrain, and migraine. However, there are also other causes of why this condition occurs. Knowing the exact cause of a headache can help you deal with it properly. When this becomes inflamed and blockage occurs, one can feel “stuffed up” or have a sinus headache. Any one of the four sinus cavities can become blocked, irritated or inflamed – alone, or together. This is why you may feel pain in one part of the face or behind one eye or in various parts of the face. 22/03/2010 · Sinus headaches caused by a sinus infection often include symptoms such as thick discolored nasal discharge, decreased sense of smell, pain over your upper teeth, sinus pressure, and fever. Here are some other sinus headache symptoms: Pain in the front of your face or behind your eyes; Headache that gets worse when you bend over. Treatment for pain behind the eyes will depend on the cause. For instance, pain relievers like “Ibuprofen” can help treat a pain behind the eye headache. On the other hand, soaking your feet in hot water, and immersing your hands in cold water, can also help. This can help when the pain behind the eyes is headache-related. Most people complain of headache behind left eye or right eye and it usually does not travel to the other eye. 3. Eyestrain. Eyestrain is a very common cause of pain located behind the eyes. It is more common now because people spend a lot of time using computers and watching television.

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